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If you're looking for Pain Management, then you are living your life with daily pain. Your pain dictates your days & nights and is more difficult than anyone else can imagine or understand if they haven't lived that life themselves.

Here at Florida Pain Solutions, we understand and are committed to serving your Pain Management needs using every tool at our disposal. We are here for those of you in such extreme and/or extended pain caused by accidents or chronic pain caused by medical conditions, that functioning is painfully difficult if not impossible without help.

No two patients or the pain are alike, so your treatment plan is tailored to your unique needs.  A frank discussion with Dr. Jaleel along with a careful review of your history & physical examination is key to your diagnosis and treatment.  Your treatment plan is then created and may include a wide range of therapies available to reduce your pain until your injuries have healed.  If your pain is chronic due to medical conditions or resulting from injuries from an accident, we treat those conditions as well. Our referral process by your physician is easy & quick.

Treatment may include pharmacologic pain management, minimally invasive targeted injections, medical massage & other physical therapy techniques. 

We collaborate with your doctor to coordinate your pain management plan so as to reduce your pain, increase your quality of life & get you on the road to recovery.


Right after an accident, especially a car accident, you think you're fine and worry about your car, not yourself. A few days later, you wake up & your life is no longer the same because your injuries have now caused you pain and loss of function. These painful conditions can be very difficult to eliminate if you do not seek treatment in a tiHave Rmely fashion.

Auto & other Impact accidents often cause you muscular pain, headaches, whiplash, broken bones and even arthritis in later years. Some injuries are debilitating and we are here to help you recover as much of your 'pre-accident' life as possible.


All of the pain due to injuries we talk about in this website and
more can become chronic, but that does not mean
you'll have a miserable, painful life.

If your accident injury or medical condition should end up
causing you chronic pain, we specialize in treating you and
your pain so you have the fullest, most active life possible.

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What Do Our Patients Say?

In April 2014, I was involved in a vehicle accident, which resulted in neck and low back pain. I found out through referrals about Florida Pain Solutions and have been a patient since the time of my accident. Dr. Jaleel has helped me a lot to reduce my pain and improve my functions. Dr. Jaleel is attentive and thorough. He spends time educating his patients and shows genuine concern for their overall health. I would recommend anyone who has been in a car accident or who has chronic pain to see Dr. Jaleel. He's an excellent physician.


 Richard A , Winter Springs, FL

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Fiaz Jaleel, MD
106 Boston Ave, Suite #205
Altamonte Springs, FL  32701
Phone: 407-673-8999
Fax:  407-678-1246


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