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Always check with your insurance agent, ask questions and discuss different limits, deductibles and co-payment options available.  Below is a general description of your PIP auto insurance coverage and how to help you determine if your accident injury is covered.

If you are legally insured, own your vehicle and live in Florida, PIP is required by law and provided by all insurance companies with a minimum of $10,000. coverage.  There are options available regarding deductibles, co-payments and coverage limits depending upon your insurance company.



If you are the Named Insured, you are covered by PIP while driving your vehicle or if you are passenger in anotherís vehicle.  You are also covered while outside a motor vehicle if you are struck & injured by a motor vehicle.


Your relatives who live with you may be covered by your PIP benefits while they are driving your car, or a passenger in your vehicle or anotherís vehicle when struck & if they are injured by a motor vehicle as a pedestrian may be covered.


Others who are injured while driving your vehicle or while a passenger or a pedestrian when struck by your vehicle may be covered.


You or insured relatives (living with you) are injured while outside of Florida if in your vehicle as long as the injury occurs within the U.S., Canada or territories.



If your passengers live with you have their own vehicle licensed in Florida or own a vehicle required to be licensed in Florida, they are not covered youíre your PIP coverage. They should consult their own insurance agent.


The minimum limit for no-fault PIP is $10,000. per person for loss sustained as a result of bodily injury, sickness or disease ($5,000. for death) arising from the ownership, maintenance or use of a motor vehicle. 

If you have Medical Payments coverage under your auto policy, it becomes secondary to your PIP coverage.  The excess medical expenses, the 20% not covered by PIP and the deductible may or may not be covered depending upon your particular policy. 


PIP pays 80% of medical benefits for all reasonable expenses for medically necessary including, but not limited to:

  • Medical, surgical, dental and rehabilitative services;

  • Diagnostic tests ordered by your physician such as:
    Nerve conduction or other diagnostic tests
    Prosthetic devices
    Wheelchairs, crutches, slings, neck braces, back braces, splints, etc.

  • Ambulance and other transportation, if medically necessary

  • Prescriptions and Medications


There are other benefits also paid for necessary remedial treatment and services recognized and permitted under the laws of the state for an injured person who relies solely upon spiritual means through prayer for healing due to religious beliefs. 


PIP pays 60% of disability benefits for Loss of Gross Income and loss of earning capacity due to your inability to work because of your injury sustained in an accident.  Disability benefits also cover all expenses reasonably incurred for household services that, if not for the injury, the injured person would have normally performed. 


PIP benefits are normally paid directly to your physician(s) with the rest reimbursed upon receipt of your proof of payment for your prescriptions, crutches, transportation services, etc.

There are many other benefits, limitations, conditions and exclusions that may be included in your Florida Auto Insurance.  Therefore, we cannot stress enough that if you or a relative living with you are injured in an accident, contact your insurance agent immediately.

For the entire Florida PIP Statute, click here

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