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After moving to the Orlando area, it's been impossible trying to get the pain medicine I need. I want to thank you for not only prescribing the pain pills that actually work, but also for monitoring the effects so carefully every visit.


Thank you Dr. Jaleel

M.E. Ross
Deland, FL


I've been to so many doctors since my accident in 2007 and Dr. Jaleel is the first one who treated me like a person that had a life before my wreck.  All the others just kept giving me the same medicine every month and never asked a single question.


Dr. Jaleel asks questions every visit and changes in my medicine so I don't get an upset stomach and so I can work and do as many of the things I did before my hip & leg were damaged in the wreck.


Orlando, FL

Dr. Jaleel:  4 months after my 2nd car accident & after trying several other accident injury pain doctors, I was still in agony, still couldn't work & had given up hope of ever recovering.

The other "Pain Doctors" treated my accident injuries like bad backaches and 'treatments', always ending up being just more pain killers that barely dulled the pain, made me nauseous and groggy, but not enough to sleep well.

I'd already lost so much, I was physically unable to sit at my desk & work more than a few minutes without spending  the next few hours on ice.  I was losing my business, lost the ability to do anything I enjoyed before the accident & finally applied for Disability.

Even though I'd given up, I thought I'd try just one more time.  You didn't dismiss me, you treated me with dignity and developed my chronic pain management plan that 1st visit. 

You are helping me learn how to manage my pain, I'm working again and enjoying more
of my life the last 4 months than I have since the day of my car accident .

 I thank you and your staff for helping me recover from what have surely been a miserable existence.

M. K.
Deltona, FL


Fiaz Jaleel, MD
106 Boston Ave, Suite #205
Winter Park, FL  32792
Phone: 407-673-8999
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